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When in Key Largo, you must go on a glass bottom boat ride!!

Today I am trying to write a bio… but instead I was distracted by cute pictures from the glass bottom boat ride we took out of John Pennekamp State Park in Key Largo Florida in 2019. My youngest 2 have grown so much but I can still remember this day so clearly. We were crazy lucky. The boat almost didn’t even sail that day. Most times they sell out but for some odd reason they didn’t even have enough tickets sold to justify leaving the dock. So we stood there waiting, fingers crossed and luckily a few random tourists decided to join us.

It was truly a once in a lifetime experience. The ship was virtually empty. We along will a couple other families enjoyed what ultimately was a private tour. We saw turtles, sharks, tropical fish, coral, mangroves…. Things we normally hadn’t seen before because it’s usually far too windy and the visibility is less than ideal. We usually travel down in late November but I hear from several locals that April is the best time for snorkeling and glass bottom boat viewing.

You might not have an empty ship like we did, but they also do not over fill the boats like other tour companies we have found.

I highly recommend the tour out of John Pennecamp State Park. I would suggest booking ahead especially during busier travel times but walk-ins are welcome.

There is a cute beach/picnic area nearby and plenty of parking. Have fun!



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