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Set sail the Virgin way…

What does that mean? Set sail the Virgin way…

In December 2021 and again in January 2022, I was able to sail on Virgin Voyages First Lady ship Scarlet Lady. I was curious about this adults only cruise line and what the experience on board would be like.

As the pandemic hit and the world shut down Virgin Voyages had to put their debut on hold. So for 16 months they waited to show off Scarlet Lady to cruisers in the United States. This is a totally different cruise line and I was excited to check it out. The idea of an adult only experience sounded awesome, but the amazing things they did that the typical cruise line does not is truly what sets them apart.

First let’s talk Food. One of the things Virgin did differently and in my opinion better than the rest is the food. Not just an elevated experience for the sense but they realized that people are not interested in the haggle. What?

Let me explain.

There is no main dining, no buffets, and no specialty restaurants that require up charges. Every restaurant is included. There are opportunities to elivate your experience for a reasonable cost, but those are the exception.

Each experience is a food sensation! From the beginning Virgin aimed to create an atmosphere that was similar to a night in the city. With both elevated dining experiences and trendy fun atmospheres. The restaurants do not prepare in bulk that create eat dining menu, item on demand. This change allows them for a much more specialty dining experience while cutting down on food waste.

My absolute favorite restaurant was The Wake, a New England inspired steakhouse. I highly recommended the clam chowder. I ate there for both dinner and brunch and enjoyed it so much I convinced my travel companions to dine there again on our last evening. Soo good!

Another thing I absolutely loved was the hammock on the balcony. Virgin definitely managed to create some fun funky places to relax. From the uniquely styled rooms to the absolutely amazing spa! Seriously, I could have lived in the salt room. Actually I tried to. The Thermal Spa could be booked for 3 hours at at time with a limited number of guests. I enjoyed it thoroughly and booked it twice the first cruise and three times the second cruise. Manicures and Pedicures are given in a relaxing retreat over looking the ocean.

I thought it would be difficult to determine what was the best feature when Sailing with Virgin but honestly it was absolutely wonderful to sail without children.

No children running down the hallways.

No children screaming at dinner.

No children melting down near the pool.

No Children!!!

It was heavenly.

My babies are awesome. But every so often my brain need a break from the noise and the chaos being a parent brings. They are my joy. But I enjoyed time away. I think a mom vacation is going to be my new tradition. "Momcation" yupp, that is definitely my biggest takeaway from this trip.

Virgin truly has something for everyone. From the Vegan Restaurant Razzle, a impressive moctail selection, amazing crew, gorgeous views and the chance to splurge on afternoon tea.

I definitely recommend giving Virgin Voyages a try. It's not your typical cruise, but is that a bad thing???

As of today there are three lady ships sailing. Scarlet Lady

Valiant Lady

& Brilliant Lady

Currently sailing in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, South Pacific, and more... with opportunities for transatlantic crossings and itineraries down under.

So, what are you waiting for???



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