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2021 was a big travel year for our family…

I don’t know where to start! There is just so much to share…

2021 was a big travel year for our family. Like so many of you our plans were canceled in 2020 and even though we had been lucky enough to go camping several times and rented a house on Cape Cod for a week... we still felt trapped at home. Or at least I did. When your everyday life is constantly on the move and suddenly you home all the time, things start to feel a bit confined.

To fix this problem I might have gone a bit crazy. I convinced my husband that we should change ourhis 50th Birthday trip to Disney from a 4 day weekend to 2 weeks camping at Fort Wilderness!

Not only was Magic Kingdom turning 50 but Fort Wilderness was as well!! I might have been a little excited.

Driving the camper straight down to Florida from Massachusetts would have been possible but miserable. To keep it fun and everyone happy we broke up the trip up.

Out Itinerary:

*Virginia to visit family (1 week)

*Savannah, Georgia (1 week)

*A rescheduled cruise on Royal Caribbean out of Port Canaveral (7nights)

*Disney World (2 weeks)

*Bahia Honda State Park in the Florida Keys

(2 weeks)

*Port Canaveral (2 weeks)

*Savannah, Georgia (1 week)

*1 night outside of DC

*Home for Thanksgiving

Over the next few weeks I hope to revisit each part of this trip and share it with you. Planning a long road trip with the camper was exciting, stressful and completely worth it! I wish we had the time to do it again. The kids are growing so fast and these memories are something that we cherish.


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