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Spring Transatlantic Packing list

While I put this list together for a spring transatlantic, I feel like it could be easily modified for any long trip. I think the key to traveling with a long term capsule wardrobe is to build in time and ability to deal with laundry. For myself I almost always utilize the unlimited laundry services if offered on the Cruise ships we sail on, along with booking hotels and houses with laundry facilities.

Below area few examples of how I dressed on this past trip.


Packing list spring

14 cruise days, 5 post plus travel

◦ 4-5 pants

◦ 2-3 Capri

◦ 2 swim

◦ 2-3 sweaters

◦ 1 sweatshirt

◦ 1 blazer

◦ 1-2 sundress

◦ 1 skirt

◦ 3 sleeveless tops

◦ 3 cami/ tanks

◦ 3 long sleeve top

◦ 2-3 pjs

◦ Black robe

◦ Orange dress (if sailing with Holland America)

◦ Walking shoes

◦ Black flats

◦ Birkenstocks

◦ Puffy vest

◦ Trench coat & gloves

◦ Sun hat, baseball cap

◦ Bras & undergarments

◦ Shapewear/spanx

◦ 5 pairs of socks

◦ Nylons


◦ Toothbrush

◦ Toothpaste

◦ Conditioner

◦ Makeup

◦ Deodorant

◦ Jewelry

◦ Face wash

◦ Tylenol and Claritin

◦ Razor

◦ Aloe & Sunscreen

◦ GoPro

◦ Camera

◦ Phone charger

◦ Knitting or embroidery project

◦ Journal

◦ Water bottle

◦ Blow dryer & brush & hair product

◦ Book

◦ Cash

◦ Passport

I totally get that what I bring might not be in your list of needs. For instance workout clothes. In the past I would bring them and they would stay in the suitcase. My favorite exercise is walking and I don’t need something special for that. Formal wear? Honestly, I usually only pack it if I absolutely need to for a function or event.

I am also no above buying what I need as I need it. Like an extra suitcase… I’ve done that twice!

The key is to make a list, and try to stick with it. Your going somewhere fantastic! Don’t let your wardrobe ruin your fun.



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