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Sandals Grand Antigua ~February 2021~

In February I was given the opportunity to visit and tour Sandals Grande Antigua.

What a perfect piece of paradise. This was my first time flying since the shutdown had begun and I was very curious how airlines and resorts were handling all the changes.

I flew out on Super Bowl Sunday...I suppose I wasn’t really thinking about it but the flight from Boston to Miami was completely sold out. At first this made me a bit nervous, but as I settled in the familiar feeling of being in the air helped me relax a bit. American Airlines did a fantastic job! Everything was clean and very well organized.

The second leg of the trip from Miami to Antigua was practically empty. The views of the Florida Keys and Caribbean Islands were breathtaking.

Once we landed customs took a little longer than normal, but that was completely understandable with all the extra precautions.

My Club Sandals Suite was located on the Mediterranean Oceanview Village side of the resort. The views were breathtaking and I enjoyed breakfast on the porch most mornings. The Suite was perfect for couple on vacation. I instantly felt so spoiled. The rain shower and sunk in tub were the perfect way to relax after a day of travel. But I had all week to relax, I was excited to explore!

The resort had several big screens set up to play the Super Bowl game live outside by the main pool. There was also a buffet and other entertainment for everyone to enjoy the evening.

The next morning I was greeted by the resorts 2 parrots out for their morning walk with their handler.

The views at Breakfast were amazing. I sat right off the beach.

I didn’t get many pictures but later in the afternoon I went snorkeling. I was very excited for the different water sport options.

I was able to book a catamaran sunset cruise. It was the perfect way to end what was the most relaxing 5 days I have had in over a year. Sandals Grande Antigua has so many secluded places throughout the resort to just relax. So much fun!!

If you have any questions about the resort, please don’t hesitate to give me a call, text or email. I plan on posting later more about the resort tour. I cannot wait to get back to the Island of Antigua again! It truly is a pie of paradise.



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